Gold Coast Iphone Repairs

Worried about your Iphone Repair on the Gold Coast ? 

Your phone is perhaps one of your most cherished possessions. It contains your contacts, photos, music and basically YOUR LIFE !

Too many times we have seen very shoddy iphone repairs on the Gold Coast. Back in 2009 when we opened our store, there were but a handful of repairers on the Gold Coast. Only a couple had any qualifications for the repair of any kind of electronic devices, let alone mobile phones. Then around 2010, with the advent of easy internet and YOUTUBE, we have seen anyone and everyone who has a set of screwdrivers and access to cheap second class Chinese screens try and repair an Iphone.

An iphone is a very delicate piece of amazing electronic wizardry. It needs to be treated with respect and more importantly by someone with TRAINING. Too often you will see “technicians; in booths in shopping centres doing cheap, quick repairs without the use of anti-static straps, and in dusty environments and where customers are bothering them whilst trying to fix their phone. These sorts of repairs require huge amounts of concentration to get them right the first time.

For whatever reason, a lot of customers, who have had their repairs attempted elswhere, end up coming to us to help when there is an issue.

Some of the problems we see on a daily basis are:-

  • Cheap second quality screens that fail quickly or break easily
  • Burnt out mainboards from static electricity shorts
  • Missing screws
  • Bad soldering by someone untrained

If you are price sensitive, then by all means, look around. But remember that if someone is cheap, it’s usually for a very good reason.

For all your Gold Coast Iphone Repairs, done right, the first time, with the BEST PARTS, by a qualified technician, then we are your first choice.




your-guide-to- ios 7

Your Guide to IOS 7

iOS… What is it?

iOS 7 is Apple’s latest update to the operating system that powers mobile devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS is also used on the Apple TV, but this guide is specifically designed with users of mobile devices in mind.

The operating system started life as “iPhone OS” back in 2007 when the iPhone was originally unveiled. Since then it has been through six prior iterations, and September 2013 marks the seventh version in what is usually a yearly update cycle. iOS updates usually go hand-in-hand with new hardware, particularly the iPhone which usually sees a refresh at around the same time new versions of iOS are released.

Read the entire article here:

FACEBOOK is killing your Iphone Battery

FACEBOOK is killing your Iphone Battery

WHEN it comes to smartphones, everyone suffers from a bit of range anxiety. Not in the car sense, where you might wonder if you’re going to make it to the next petrol pump, but instead in whether you’ll make it through the day before your phone conks out.

There are all sorts of tips and tricks you can find online to try to combat battery fatigue, some more useful than others.

So one rather annoyed former Apple expert — an Apple Genius, in fact — decided to take a long hard look at what actually works to extend your battery life without removing the core functionality of your iPhone.

You could always switch off services like Wi-Fi or 3G/4G data, or not use apps — but where’s the fun in that?

What Scotty Loveless found was that the chief culprit in iPhone battery drain was, rather surprisingly, the Facebook App. In his tests, which involved running specific developer tools to track activity on an iPhone, he found that the Facebook app was continually requesting resources, and as a result hogging battery power, even when he wasn’t using it.

He wrote this finding on his blog:

“During this testing, Facebook kept jumping up on the process list even though I wasn’t using it. So I tried disabling Location Services and Background App Refresh for Facebook, and you’ll never guess what happened: my battery percentage increased. It jumped from 12% to 17%. Crazy. I’ve never seen that happen before on an iPhone.”

That doesn’t mean that you should immediately uninstall Facebook if you’re happy using it on an iPhone. Instead, the solution rests in disabling the background services that Facebook is using that hog so much power.

Specifically, Location Services (found in Settings>Privacy>Location Services) and Background App Refresh (found in Settings>General>Background App refresh) for Facebook appear to be the culprit.

Disable these, at least when you’re not using the Facebook app, and you should see a resultant uptick in your iPhone battery life.